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Motor Sports

The secret behind Lewis Hamilton’s yellow helmet

Lewis Hamilton yellow helmet
Lewis Hamilton yellow helmet. Photo/Sportskeeda
  • Yellow helmets hold a unique and significant place in Hamilton’s life
  • His father gave him his first yellow helmet when he go-karting to easily identify him
  • He believes the bright yellow colour has a lot of family significance whenever he’s racing

Many Formula One fans always question the strong attachment Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has to yellow helmets.

The truth is that these helmets hold a unique and significant place in Hamilton’s life. The helmet represents his origins and serves as a reminder of how he got his start in the world of Formula One during his karting days.

While racing for Mercedes sometime, the color of his helmet changed to a sophisticated black and purple. However, he has reverted to racing in yellow for the 2022 season.

Going back to his roots this year, many people have now figured out why Hamilton is bringing back his yellow helmet in 2022. But very few people are aware of the actual, genuine reason why Hamilton first began employing it.

He disclosed this information in a 2020 interview, saying his first helmet was red when he first started.  At the beginning of each race, his father would watch all of the cars drive down, and there would frequently be a collision at some point.

He couldn’t identify which one was Hamilton because all helmets were red, and they never got new ones in any other colour. That prompted his father to come up with another bright colour to help him easily identify his son.

After a frustrating last season, the seven-time F1 champion reverted to using this helmet in 2022. The year 2021 was undoubtedly a period that the Knight would rather not think back on.

Lewis Hamilton yellow helmet

Lewis Hamilton yellow helmet. Photo/

After suffering a heartbreaking defeat in the deciding match of the world championship, he went back to the yellow helmet. He controversially lost to Redbull’s Max Verstappen in what is still the biggest Formula One controversy.

As a result, the story of the yellow helmet revolves primarily around Hamilton past life. On the other hand, the family’s perseverance paid off, and the rest, as they say, is history: the Briton worked his way up through the ranks and entered Formula One.

Despite the fact that Hamilton admitted that karting and racing could be challenging for parents, his mother, Carmen Larbalestier was able to cope with the pressure of the dangerous sport.

She just trusted her kid. She was always calm during Gayle King’s visit to the paddocks to watch Hamilton’s race. Hamilton’s mother had complete faith in her son’s capabilities all along.

Lewis Hamilton yellow helmet

Lewis Hamilton yellow helmet. Photo/Code Sports

Larbalestier said she never spent time thinking of Hamilton in the car because she already knew that her son was good in all of this.

Meanwhile, as Hamilton falls back to his yellow helmet, he is not competing for victory this season. At the start of the new season, he pointed out that his new racing car Mercedes W13 has multiple problems.

The car has problems with balance and porpoising – when a car bounces when it loses and gains downforce.

“At the moment, I don’t think we will be competing for wins,” he said. So far, Verstappen is taking the lead.

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