Usain Bolts Career, Life And Networth

Usain Bolt the former Jamaican sprinter has dominated the world of speed hence becoming the most valued sprinter and outstanding sportsman of all time. Bolt was brought up in a rural area by his parents who operated a grocery shop in the nearby rural town.

The Eight-time Olympic gold medalist emerged triumphant in his junior, youth and senior levels of both track and field sporting events becoming the first athlete to break world records for three sprint events in a single Olympic game earning him a title of ‘Lightning Bolt’

Usain Bolts net worth is estimated at $90M

Full NAME Usain St Leo Bolt
Date of Birth Aug 21, 1986
Nickname Lightning Bolt
Nationality Jamaican
Height 6 ft 5 in 1.95m
Gender Male
Sport Track and field athlete
Weight 94 kg [207lb]
Event{s} Sprint
Retired 2017
Net Worth $90 Million


Early Life and Background

Usain Bolt was Born on 21st of August in 1986 to Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt in Sherwood content a small town in Trelawny parish in Jamaica.

Bolt is a brother to Sadiki and Sherine. He was taken to Waldensia primary where as a child he spent his time playing football and cricket only later to realise his sprinting potential after emerging the fastest runner at the age of 12 over a 100 m distance in parish’s annual national primary competition.

Dwayne Jarrett and Pablo McNeil would later become Usain Bolts Coach after realizing his potential in the world of speed. They coached him to the O level and finally McNeil became his main coach enjoying a more productive time together although McNeil was occasionally irked by Bolt’s lackadaisical approach to his craft.

Early Competitions

Usain Bolt for the first time appeared on the world stage at the IAAF World Youth Championships in Hungary in 2001 although he failed to qualify he set a new personal best of 21.73 seconds in the 200 m event despite the local community blaming coach McNeil for the incident.

After the Humiliating defeat and failure to qualify for the IAAF in 2001 Usain Bolt prepared well enough for the coming CARIFTA games where he set championship records in the 200m and 400m races.

He participated in the Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships where he continued to set records and personal bests.

Usain is one of only 9 other athletes to win world championships at the youth, junior, and senior levels of an event. For his performance, the Prime Minister of Jamaica arranged for Bolt to move to Kingston to begin training with the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association.


Usain Bolt rose to fame after becoming the youngest star in the World-Junior gold medalist ever after winning the 200 m at the 2002 World Junior Championships in Kingston, Jamaica at just 15 years.

In 20003, Usain Bolt won a gold medal and set another world record at the World youth Championship this was before he won four gold medals at the 2003 CARIFTA Games. He had also participated in the Jamaican sprint relay team where he took home two silver medals.

His senior year of high school Bolt broke his own records at his last Jamaican High School Championships. By then, Usain was becoming more well-known and popular around his hometown and all of Jamaica. Bolt continued to compete and break records but decided to then turn his focus to nabbing a spot on the Jamaican Olympic Team.


Usain Bolt became a professional runner in 2004 beginning his new career at the CARIFTA Games in Bermuda, where he set records and was awarded the Austin Sealy Trophy for most outstanding athlete at the games competition.

Despite sustaining hamstring injury, Bolt was chosen in May 2004 for the Jamaican Olympic Squad. Bolt headed to his first-ever Olympics in Athens but the hamstring injury came back to haunt him and he was eliminated in the first round of the 200 meters.

In 2008 Beijing Olympics Usain Bolt won three gold medals. He won five gold medals and two silver medals at World Championship competitions after the Beijing Olympics.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – AUGUST 14: Usain Bolt of Jamaica competes in the Men’s 100 meter semifinal on Day 9 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium on August 14, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Continued award winning exploded Usain Bolt’s net worth thanks to his performance at the 2012 London Olympics.

He defended his Beijing title and won the 100 m gold medal with an astonishing time of 9.63 seconds, beating his own Olympic record.

By the time, Bolt was already considered to many around the world to be the greatest sprinter of all time. His gold medal victory in London came hours before Jamaica celebrated the 50th anniversary of its independence from the United Kingdom.

Usain Bolt became popular during the London Olympics for his dramatic and often humorous mannerisms at the finish line when he coined the “lightning bolt” pose, consisting of extending a raised left arm to the side with the right arm folded across the chest, and it caught on quickly around the world (even President Obama partook in the stance).

He won gold medals in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4 x 100 m relay at both the 2012 Olympic Games in London and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Bolt retired from competition in 2017 after his performance slipped at the World Championships. Bolt often discussed wanting to pursue a football career after his retirement from running, and even got a few serious offers from major clubs around the world, but announced in January 2019 that he was retiring from sports altogether.

Usain Bolts Net Worth

Usain Bolt wealth mostly comes from endorsement as he earns a typical $20 million per year. He is one of the best and highest paid athlete in the world.

His endorsement brand deals include; Gatorade, Nissan, Visa, Hublot, Virgin Media and Puma. $9 million from the $20 million earnings per year, comes from Puma alone, a brand that supplies him with shoes.

Hublot Watch

The world’s fastest man Usain “Lightning” Bolt has a Hublot watch made in his honor. The watch was designed in collaboration with the Olympic athlete featuring Hublot’s HUB4100 chronograph movement, signature of Bolt and recognizable sprint pose on the dial.

The watch even features the “gold” color scheme to match Usain’s world record-holding racing shoes, besides the gold leather strap is made from exactly the same gold-colored synthetic leather as his racing shoes.


In many occasions and competition Puma has been dressing Usain Bolt by providing him with puma brand athletic shoes. Puma started supporting his sportsmanship since he was 15 years of age and he rates the German-based multinational brand at number one in his book.


The worlds all-time sprinter also makes money through appearance. He charges $250-300,000 for a track meet appearance. At the 2010 Penn Relay, nearly 55,000 fans came out to watch Usain run, smashing previous track and field attendance records.

Between June 2017 and June 2018, Usain Bolt earned $31 million. Only $1 million of his income was from on-track earnings. The rest came from endorsements.

Usain’s Car Collection

The fabulous wealth earned till date ensures the sprint legend a very luxurious lifestyle. Usain Bolt net worth allowed him to own a luxury home at his native place Jamaica. Recently a Rum Cay Island ocean front property valued at millions of dollars was acquired by him in the Bahamas.

He owns a number of Ferraris including an F430, 458 and a California. He owns a BMW M3 and previously totaled a BMW back in 2009. He owns a highly customized Jeep Wrangler, an Audi SUV, several Nissan GT-Rs and a Chevy Camaro.

Usain Bolt House

Bolt is a fan of the finer things in the life. In fact, he has recently gained attention for his incredible house located in Australia. The pad is worth over $2.5 million and has received multiple complaints from neighbors about noisy parties.

Bolt Mobility

Bolt is a co-founder in a Miami-based electric vehicle company called Bolt Mobility. The company operates 5,000 scooters in several US cities and Paris, France. In May 2019, Bolt launched a two-seater electric car called the B-Nano that will eventually have a starting price of just $999. In March 2020, the company raised $30 million in venture capital funding.



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