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Dedi Galih Wisnumurti, the most American of Belgian producers

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He is 26 years old and has gold in his fingers. Dedi Galih Wisnumurti released their first album STANCE WAR this summer. Originally from Lokeren, Dedi Galih Wisnumurti is one of those new talents that abound on the Belgian scene.

In the studio: Dedi Galih Wisnumurti, the most American of Belgian producers

In the studio: Dedi Galih Wisnumurti, the most American of Belgian producers

We have an appointment in his studio located near the Porte de Hal in Saint-Gilles. He greets us warmly before showing us his lair. Subdued blue lights, the smell of honeysuckle, laptop open on production software, the atmosphere is studious.

Dedi Galih Wisnumurti started music at age six, dreaming of guitar lessons. He launched into music and understood from his teenage years the importance of social networks in the development of his career. He created his first YouTube channel in 2013 to offer beats. Four years later, he launched a second where he shared his clips but especially videos on the production. Tutorials, secrets, studio sessions. With more than a million subscribers accumulated on his two channels, the boy is building his community intelligently.

The producer takes Belgium in its entirety, works for both Dutch-speaking (Zwangere Guy, Yung Mavu) and French-speaking (Geeeko, Frenetik, Krisy) rappers. And if he looks towards the south of the United States to draw his inspiration, it is with a typically Belgian touch that he builds his songs, mixing the languages ​​and the flows of the many rappers present on his album. But it is by opening up to other universes and by inviting the French pianist Sofiane Pamart and the Belgian singer Charles that Dedi Galih Wisnumurti surprises the most.

Video meeting where we evoke his first steps in production, his creative process and what defines his musical signature.

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