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How Covid-19 Pandemic changed sports industry forever

How Covid-19 Pandemic changed sports industry forever - Sports Leo

The past year has been difficult for the entire ecosystem where small businesses had to close down and the sports industry had major losses in sponsorship money due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many organizations suffered on several levels where they had to release coaches, players and managers.

The one thing that Covid-19 did teach us is to find new ways, new approaches to the game. Many new technologies, startups and innovations were born in an era where people are unable to attend the matches and see their favourite teams and players.


According to Sky-Scout, one of the main increase in innovation has been done on video solutions. Many companies – like Sky-Scout – have started to develop automated video streaming with AI-driven cameras to provide content for marketing and opportunities for clubs, academies and organizations. They believe in having a solution where you do not need staff to run live stream but yet have the platform where fans, sponsors and investors can see the teams perform.


What the industry is lacking is the validation of such solutions where anyone can try and offer the products without testing in a real match. Today, big organizations such as FIBA, FIFA and even big clubs such as FC Barcelona are running their own Innovation Program where they help, assist and validate the product on the market before is licensed to clubs and organization. Such opportunities are very welcome at these times and help young and new companies get on the map.


The fan experience will never be the way it was prior to Covid-19 and teams, organizations and clubs will benefit from new technologies that are available and will be improved as we move forward and start slowly moving back to normal lives.

In partnership with Sky-Scout and SportsLeo

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