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10 players who could be traded in 2023-24 season

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nba trade season
KIRA LEWIS JR. Photo/Pelicans Debrief
  • The NBA trade season is upon us once again
  • A total of 61 players changed teams between opening night and the trade deadline of the 2022-23 season
  • No player is immune from being dealt

The NBA trade season is upon us once again, and as we saw in the previous year, no player is immune from being dealt.

A total of 61 players changed teams between opening night and the trade deadline of the 2022-23 season, showcasing the dynamic nature of NBA rosters. This year, we’re looking at 10 players who are most likely to be traded during the 2023-24 season, ranging from superstars to valuable role players. Let’s dive into the potential trade scenarios for these players.


The Toronto Raptors have a history of losing key players without gaining significant assets in return. Pascal Siakam could be the latest casualty. With contract extension negotiations not yet started and rumblings of locker room issues, Siakam may find himself on the trade block. The only question is whether Masai Ujiri will be willing to lower his trade demands to secure a deal.


NBA trade season

James Harden. Photo/Sports Illustrated

The blockbuster deal that sent Damian Lillard to the Milwaukee Bucks was a highlight of the previous season. This year, James Harden, who initially seemed unlikely to be traded, may find himself with a change of scenery. Reports of an offered first-round pick and swap from the Clippers have brought a Harden trade within reach, especially considering Philadelphia’s apparent reluctance to keep him beyond this season.


While you may have expected to see another 76er on this list, P.J. Tucker is the first trade candidate from the Philadelphia team. Reports suggest that Daryl Morey plans to clear cap space for the 2024 free agency, making some players expendable. Tucker, though valuable to contenders, is a tricky trade piece due to his age and contract size. Philadelphia will likely look to move him to a winning team with an expiring contract.


The Washington Wizards may not be in a position to compete for a playoff spot this season, making Tyus Jones’ presence on the roster somewhat puzzling. With a significant overhaul in the offseason, it’s possible that Jones could be traded to a contender looking for an experienced backup point guard.


Capela may not be a household name, but he’s a quality starting center. However, the Atlanta Hawks find themselves in a luxury tax bind, with rising young talents pushing for a larger role. A trade with the Dallas Mavericks was discussed earlier, and unless one of the teams significantly over performs, these talks could resume during the season.


The Detroit Pistons, a team in the midst of rebuilding, may not have much use for Alec Burks. With a surplus of young guards, Burks could be on the move, providing his three-point shooting skills to a contender.


Buddy Hield is a valuable asset for teams looking to bolster their outside shooting. The Indiana Pacers have explored trades for Hield, and with the emergence of young talent in their backcourt, it’s possible that a deal could materialize.


Not every player on this list is a superstar. Lewis finds himself on a New Orleans Pelicans team loaded with guards. If the Pelicans look to shed salary and avoid the luxury tax, Lewis’ contract may be the easiest to move.


NBA trade season 2023

DeMar DeRozan. Photo/ESPN

While DeMar DeRozan has expressed a desire to retire with the Chicago Bulls, the team’s financial situation may dictate otherwise. The Bulls are nearing the luxury tax threshold, and keeping DeRozan while making new deals for him and other key players could push them into tax territory. Given the Bulls’ historical avoidance of the luxury tax, a DeRozan trade is plausible.


In Portland, the surplus of guards is evident. Malcolm Brogdon, a valuable veteran for a rebuilding team, could become a sought-after asset for a contender looking to bolster their backcourt. Brogdon is too valuable to be buried on a rebuilding team, and his departure during the season is a realistic possibility.


The NBA trade season is sure to be an exciting one, with these 10 players potentially finding new homes as teams strive to improve their rosters and meet their financial goals. As the season progresses, keep an eye on these players as they may become the focal points of trade discussions and shake up the NBA landscape.

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