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5 famous footballers with the most beautiful wives

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Lionel Messi wife
Lionel Messi and his wife Antonella. Photo by Showbiz Cheat Sheet
  • Footballers often find themselves drawn to renowned and attractive women
  • Being linked with these women gives them a sense of status and prestige
  • The opulence athletes live with gives them a lot of luxury and a glamorous lifestyle

One thing about sportsmen is their innate talent to maintain optics in every way. But, do you ever wonder which footballer has the most beautiful wife?

Footballers often find themselves drawn to renowned and attractive women. First of all, being linked with these women gives them a sense of status and prestige. It improves their public image to be affiliated with someone famous and attractive.

Additionally, the opulence athletes live with gives them a lot of luxury and a glamorous lifestyle which enchants these gorgeous wags. Beauty and sports stir some social and emotional stability which is needed for peak sports performance.

This article digs deep into famous athletes or rather, which footballer has the most beautiful wife.


which football with most beautiful wife

Luis Suarez with his wife Sofia Balbi. Photo/Pinterest

Luis Suárez, a striker for Serie A team Grêmio has an aggression history but one thing he got right is Sofia Balbi.  Suárez and Balbi started dating when they were both 15 and resided in Montevideo, Uruguay. Sadly, the Balbi family relocated to Barcelona in 2003, but that didn’t mean their relationship would end. Suárez travelled to Europe to be with the woman he loved since childhood


Cristiano Ronaldo wife

Cristiano Ronaldo wife Georgina Rodriguez. Photo/Telecom Asia

Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn’t miss on this list of which footballer has the most beautiful wife. They met in Madrid at a Gucci store where Georgina worked as a sales assistant and loved brewed. Everything began when someone contacted her to tell her about who a customer wanted to purchase some coats. This required remaining past the scheduled closing time by 30 minutes.

And when the time came, she ran across a really attractive man on her way out of the store. This man was in the company of a young boy and a few other friends. This was the beginning of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez’s love story. They started talking more often, and they ended up going to the same party together. After the night, they wanted more and couldn’t stop thinking about each other, so they didn’t want to stop.


Mo Salah wife

Mo Salah with his wife Magi Sadeq. Photo/SportsLumo

In case you wonder which footballer has the most beautiful wife, look no further than Mo Salah and his wife Magi Sadeq. The couple is a hallmark of couple goals and their love story goes back to when they were kids.

Their love endured despite being away from Egypt where Sadeq was when he played for Chelsea. He, however, left Stamford Bridge over limited playing time and he joined Fiorentina and Roma in Serie A.  Jurgen Klopp saw his talent and went for him which allowed him to fly his wife and kids to the UK and be together. Besides supporting Salah, Sadeq works as a biotechnologist.


Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo

Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo. Photo by

Lionel Messi serves couple goals with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo who he started dating in his teenage days back in Argentina. They are blessed with two children; Ciro, Mateo and Thiago and they officially exchanged their wedding vows in 2017.

Messi and Roccuzzo are from the same hometown back home in Argentina. The two were less connected when Messi decided to pursue a career as a football player in Spain while still a young boy. However, he returned to Argentina in 2005 to help Antonela through the trying period that followed the fatal vehicle accident that claimed the life of her best friend.

Although Antonela still writes about the catastrophe and thinks of her friend, it also reunited her with Messi permanently. Messi has now accumulated a large number of honours and medals on his road to becoming one of the greatest players in football history while she remains by his side.




Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne married his longtime lover Michele Lacroix in 2017.  According to reports, De Bruyne started dating Lacroix in 2014, while he played for Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. He credits his career success at Manchester City to Lacroix.

The former Chelsea star acknowledged that if his girlfriend wasn’t expecting a child in 2016, he might not have joined City. He is glad that he finally did and they have two children together now.

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