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Dating an older woman, drugs made Andre Agassi hate tennis

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Andre Agassi tennis
Andre Agassi. Photo/Evening Standard
  • Andre Agassi married three times and divorced twice
  • His tennis career had a lot of challenges, the biggest being a divorce that plunged him into drug abuse
  • Agassi won the hearts of Wimbledon spectators in 1992 by defeating Goran Ivanisevic

Andre Agassi is among the greatest tennis legends alive but situations in life, among them dating made him hate the sport for a while.

In fact, the Las Vegas-born legend played tennis for its hefty cash prizes and not for passion in the beginning. His tennis career had a lot of challenges, the biggest being a divorce that plunged him into drug abuse.

In a captivating display of skill, Agassi won the hearts of Wimbledon spectators in 1992 by defeating Goran Ivanisevic in an intense five-set final, securing his first major title after three previous attempts.

This victory marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey, as he went on to conquer all four Grand Slam tournaments.


He also won a gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, earning the esteemed distinction of winning the coveted ‘Golden Slam,’ a feat achieved by only two male players in history.

Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi. Photo/ IMG Academy.

In 1995, Agassi ascended to the pinnacle of the world rankings, solidifying his dominance. However, personal troubles besieged him, causing a steep decline that saw him plummet to 141 in the rankings just two years later.

Many believed his career was on the brink of collapse, but Agassi defied the odds. In 1999, he resurfaced as the world No. 1, embarking on the most successful phase of his illustrious career over the subsequent four years.


Yet, Agassi’s path to success was not without its tumultuous twists and turns. He faced criticism when he became romantically involved with singer and actress Barbra Streisand in the early 1990s, despite their significant age difference.

Reflecting on their relationship in his 2009 autobiography, Agassi notes that a 28-year difference wasn’t too much for him because they were good for each other.

“We agree that we’re good for each other, and so what if she’s twenty-eight years older? We’re sympatico, and the public outcry only adds spice to our connection. It makes our friendship feel forbidden, taboo – another piece of my overall rebellion. Dating Barbra Streisand is like wearing Hot Lava,” his biography reads.

Although Agassi and Streisand split up after a bold show of love, it is still not clear why this happened. None of them came out to explain why and what led to their separation. One thing though is that their significant age difference—Streisand was 28 years older than Agassi – made them a poster for public scrutiny.

This is one of the reasons that pushed him to write an autobiography which he published in 2009. He referred to their relationship as forbidding and taboo, adding that the uproar from the public spiced it up.


Following the end of his relationship with Streisand, Agassi tied the knot with Hollywood actress and model Brooke Shields in 1997.

However, their marriage faced challenges and ultimately ended in divorce in 1999. In his autobiography, Agassi revealed that during the same year he met Shields, he experimented with crystal meth.

This is a recreational drug, and it ended in him failing a drug test. Confronted with calls for his titles and prize money to be stripped, Agassi acknowledges that it was a period in his life when he realized that he needed a lot of help.


Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi and his wife Steffi Graf. Photo/ InTouch – Wunderweib

Having rebuilt his life, Agassi embarked on a romantic journey with fellow tennis legend Steffi Graf. The couple exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony in October 2001, witnessed solely by their mothers.

Today, they reside in Summerlin, within the Las Vegas Valley, alongside their two children. Their current residence is notably smaller than the sprawling £18.2 million 10-acre Tiburon estate they purchased in 2001, which they eventually sold at a £2.3 million loss five years later.

In addition to their personal endeavours, Agassi and Graf established a joint venture known as Agassi Graf Holdings. In 2004, they utilized this enterprise to acquire Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas before selling it in 2010.

The power couple also collaborated with a luxury furniture manufacturer to develop their own line of furniture, known as the Agassi Graf Collection, showcasing their shared passion for design and style.

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