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More fears as Mike Tyson struggles to eat cookie

Mike Tyson Health
Mike Tyson Health. Photo by Wrestling Edge
  • Mike Tyson is struggling to feed
  • He recently dropped a cookie since his hands were shaking terribly
  • But he joked about the whole situation

Fears continue to mount following photos of celebrated boxer Mike Tyson struggling to feed, an indication of his deteriorating health.

Tyson’s body has taken a beating over the years. At 56, his battles against a necklace of other boxers seem to have a negative impact on his health.

This, along with Tyson’s struggles with substance abuse, appears to have had a significant impact on the boxer’s health.

The most recent occurrence occurred on a recent episode of Tyson’s podcast, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. The legendary boxer’s hand shook terribly and couldn’t hold a cookie.

Despite the incident, Tyson was in high spirits and made jokes about the situation. But one can tell all is not well with him.

Tyson was recently spotted hobbling around at a Miami Dolphins game. This follows another incident where he was spotted in August bound in a wheelchair and cane-using at Miami International Airport.

This sparked questions and concerns about the 56-year-old’s health status. Several eyewitnesses captured Tyson in the wheelchair, and Iron Mike released a statement on his podcast explaining what happened.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson. Photo/Daily Star

He said that naturally, we’re all going to die. He says that he knows his expiration date is due every time he sees small dots on his face.

What exactly is this warrior’s illness that has caused these viral photos to spread? U.S. media outlets indicate that the great boxer is currently experiencing a “sciatica flare-up” in his lower back.

This condition got him bedridden for weeks two years ago. Later in his career, he was also plagued by this issue when he was ready to retire.

Now he’s coping with a sciatic (nerve) crisis. We’re not talking about anything major here, sports physicians say. They note that this is a typical risk for an athlete.

In recent days, TMZ covered the story. The images gained notice, however, because Tyson had posted similar photos of himself training furiously and brutally just weeks before the video with the stick in New York.

Tyson’s health is one of the most important subjects that people are discussing now. Tyson arrived at the airport wearing white clothing from head to toe, including his shorts, socks, and shoes. However, in the photographs that were shared on social media, Tyson appeared to be sick and exhausted.

Mike Tyson Health

Mike Tyson Health is deteriorating. Photo by

The boxer managed to muster up a shaky smile while posing for pictures with his adoring fans at the airport.  This is despite the fact that he did not appear to be in particularly good health.

What appeared to be an even greater cause for concern was the fact that he exited the airport with his mouth covered.

Despite posing for fans, such a photograph of the boxer is heartbreaking for supporters because of the fighter’s ability to control the world with his boxing talents. The same fighter knocked out his opponents with his powerful punches and smashes, making him the undisputed champion of the ring.

If one has been keeping track of Tyson’s health, one will notice that he is not in a good place. Three weeks ago, Tyson was going through the city of New York in a careful and cautious manner.

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