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Brothers of Destruction; Is Undertaker and Kane real life brothers?

Brothers of Destruction; Is Undertaker and Kane real life brothers? Photo/ Fox Sports
  • The Undertaker and Kane are WWE’s famous Brothers of Destruction. The two were a force to reckon with in the ring. 
  • The Brothers of Destruction held the WWF Tag Team Championship but later lost it. 
  • Kane and The Undertaker are not real-life brothers despite WWE portraying them as half-brothers. 

WWE portrayed The Brothers of Destruction, Kane and The Undertaker, as half-brothers during their time as professional wrestlers. And that leads to the question, are The Undertaker and Kane real-life brothers? 

WWE still maintains that the two legends are brothers in various ways. 

The Undertaker and Kane formed a tag team with more dysfunction and deep-seated drama than the other tag teams. Their tag team, which had the name Brothers of Destruction, were a force to reckon with at WWE.

Brothers of Destruction

Kane and The Undertaker. Photo/ WWE.

The Brothers of Destruction held the WWF Tag Team Championship and won a title during The Invasion at the same time. They defended and lost each title in different ways. 

Kane and The Undertaker were introduced into the WWE Hall of Fame separately; Kane is in the class of 2021, while The Undertaker is in the class of 2022. 

Are The Undertaker And Kane Real Life brothers? 

The answer to the question is The Undertaker and Kane real-life brothers is no. Mark William Calaway, who portrayed the role of The Undertaker, began his professional wrestling career in 1987. 

Mark William worked for various promotions, including World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW). He joined World Wrestling Federation (WWF, later turned into WWE) in 1990. 

Mark William used the name “Kane the Undertaker” in his official WWF debut. 

Glen Thomas Jacobs played the role of Kane at WWE. Glen Thomas began his professional wrestling career in 1992, working with the independent circuit. He joined WWF in 1995. 

In his first two years at WWF, Glen Thomas used the name Isaac Yankem. He adapted the name Kane when WWE formed The Brothers of Destruction in 1997. 

The Brothers Of Destruction 

The Brothers of Destruction had a dark and disturbing domestic backstory. The Undertaker intentionally burnt down his parent’s funeral home killing his parents. 

The Undertaker, who was by then a teenager, thought that he also killed his younger brother, Kane, in the process. However, Paul Bearer, who was present during the fire, managed to save Kane’s life. 

Paul Bearer previously had an affair with The Undertaker’s mother, and together they bore Kane. 

In the fall of 1998, The Undertaker admitted that he was the one who killed their parents and also set the fire that damaged Kane’s face. According to The Undertaker, Kane was a weak child who didn’t deserve to live. 

Paul Bearer, who was hiding his son away, joined WWE and became an associate of The Undertaker. He stood by The Undertaker’s side for six years until he won the WWF Championship. 

After The Undertaker won the title, Paul Bearer demanded to be his manager or reveal his darkest secret. The Undertaker often mistreated and disobeyed Paul Bearer. 

It reached a point that The Undertaker fired Paul, which made Paul reveal The Undertaker’s secret. Well, The Undertaker denied the allegations and accused his younger brother Kane of the crimes. 

Kane, who wanted to avenge the death of his mother, made his debut at WWE while The Undertaker was fighting Shawn Michaels. 

Kane attacked The Undertaker several times, but the latter refused to fight his half-brother. Kane cost The Undertaker a casket match against Shawn Michaels after he interfered. After the match, Kane and Paul Bearer locked The Undertaker in the casket and set it on fire. 

The Undertaker and Kane finally battled it out in the ring at Wrestlemania XIV, which The Undertaker won. Kane lost again when the two met in the first-ever Inferno match.


Brothers of Destruction. Photo/ Fox Sports.

Kane and his half-brother formed a partnership after the King of the Ring 1998 when The Undertaker attacked Steve Austin, helping Kane win the match. 

Their partnership, The Brothers of Destruction, was a force to reckon with at WWE. However, they didn’t perform regularly and sometimes feuded. 

The Brothers of Destruction made their last WWE appearance at Crown Jewel when they faced Shawn Michaels and Triple H. They lost the match. 

Where Is The Undertaker Now? 

The Undertaker retired from in-ring competition in November 2020. He was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame class of 2022. 

The Undertaker remains employed by WWE through a 15-year contract signed in 2019. 

Where Is Kane Now

Kane made his last fight appearance at WWE on January 31, 2021. He appeared in the Royal Rumble match, eliminating Ricochet and Dolph Zigler. However, Damian Priest later eliminated him.


Kane. Photo/ WWE.

Kane was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in April 2021. He is currently an active politician in the U.S. 

Glenn Jacobs has been the Republican Mayor of Knox County since 2018. 

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