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Motor Sports

Formula One Vs NASCAR: What is the difference?

Differences between Formula One and NASCAR. Photo/ Youtube
  • Formula One and NASCAR are the most popular motor Sports across the world
  • However, Formula One is more popular because it is held world wide, while NASCAR is limited to only America
  • Both Formula One and NASCAR include fast cars, but which one is faster?

 F1 and NASCAR have significant fans worldwide. Fans wonder which of the two competitive sports is superior.

Both motorsports include competitive teams and drivers attempting to be the best. Formula 1 and NASCAR have significant differences. Let us discuss this differences

NASCAR vs F1: Which one is more skilled?

Lewis Hamilton at the French GP

Lewis Hamilton at the French GP 2022. Photo/F1

Both sports need specific skills. Formula 1 drivers must be the fastest and avoid contact. NASCAR drivers must be precise since they run so close and touch.

Each motorsport is different. F1 takes 2 hours, including stops, whereas NASCAR might take 3 hours. F1 drivers and pit staff both matter. F1 races only require one pitstop to change tyres.

NASCAR pitstops include tyre changes and fueling. Compared to NASCAR, a Formula 1 pitstop takes 2-3 seconds.

F1 pit stops are crucial to the race. An extra second in the Formula 1 pits can influence the race’s outcome. These details make F1 more logistical than NASCAR. F1 requires more data than NASCAR to design a winning strategy.

The tracks teach drivers two different skills. F1 bends require strong braking, whereas NASCAR requires less. F1 drivers start training young to improve these qualities.

Which one is faster? F1 or NASCAR?

RedBull driver Max Verstappen

RedBull driver Max Verstappen. Photo/ F1

Both NASCAR and F1 feature fast cars. Everyone wonders which is faster. Design, engine and material determine car speed.

The most significant similarity between the two series is that both NASCAR and F1 include racing at high speeds in automobiles.

Nevertheless, everyone seems to be preoccupied with the subject of which one is the faster option. But the speed of these cars is affected by a variety of factors, including the design, the engine, and the material.

F1 cars are essentially carbon fibre. Single-cockpit cars weigh half as much as NASCAR. NASCAR’s 5.9-litre EFI V8 engine makes 750 horsepower, whereas F1’s 1.6-litre turbo V6 engine delivers 1000 horsepower.

F1 cars accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6s, whereas NASCAR cars take 3.4s. F1 is much lighter and faster than NASCAR.

F1 lap time vs NASCAR


NASCAR race. Photo/Getty Images

When discussing lap times, the actual course itself is a significant factor that must be considered. The NASCAR circuits are virtually all the same and are all located in the United States or Canada.

In the meantime, each Formula One circuit is unique and can be found in many different nations.

Remember circuit length. Formula 1 is longer than NASCAR. Martinsville Speedway is the shortest NASCAR track, while Circuit de Monaco is 3.1 kilometres.

The average NASCAR lap time at Martinsville Speedway is 20 seconds, while Formula 1’s Monaco Track is 1:14. NASCAR’s short tracks and faster lap times result in 200-lap races. F1 races last 50-70 laps.

Which one is more dangerous, F1 or NASCAR?

Formula One is more dangerous than NASCAR

Formula One is more dangerous than NASCAR. Photo/The New York Times

F1 acceleration and deceleration are much more dangerous than in NASCAR. Open-cockpit cars accelerate or decelerate so swiftly that the driver’s neck feels five to seven times heavier. F1 drivers train their necks and put on helmets to prevent neck injuries.

The automobile design makes F1 riskier than NASCAR. NASCAR uses caged stock cars for driver safety. F1 drivers face various perils in their open-cockpit cars. Flying debris can hurt drivers.

The Halo shields the driver’s head. 2021 Italian GP: Max Verstappen’s Red Bull beat Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes. The Halo saved Hamilton from Verstappen’s vehicle.

The circuit may not seem dangerous in motorsport, but in F1, it is. F1 courses have slow to high-speed turns, unlike NASCAR. Street circuits are the trickiest because they’re narrower and feature two barriers. F1 drivers can crash into walls with a poor move. NASCAR is safer than F1.

Which one makes more money, F1 or NASCAR?

Money is vital to every sport. Popularity determines sports revenue but schedule and viewership make F1 more global than NASCAR.

NASCAR is limited to the Americas, but F1 is held worldwide, including in the US. Formula 1 is more popular than NASCAR. Drive To Survive on Netflix has increased F1 viewing.

Daytona 500 had the most spectators at 150,000. Formula 1’s Australian GP weekend drew 419,114 viewers. F1 tickets cost more than NASCAR’s. 

Sporting schedules affect revenue. NASCAR has 36 races every season, while F1 has 22. NASCAR beats F1 in races per season.

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