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Top footballers married to women older than them

  • It is not common for men to marry women older than them. However, there are men living happily with women older than them. 
  • There are several football players who are married to women way older than them. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the footballers married to older women. 
  • Zlatan’s wife is 12 years older than him. Fabregas’ wife, Daniella Semaan, is eleven years older than the star midfielder. 

It is natural for women to marry men older than them. However, there are relationships where the man is younger than the woman, and these relationships have worked just like the other relationships. 

Some football stars have married women older than them by even ten years. FC Barcelona and Spain’s centre-back Gerard Pique was among footballers married to older women. However, the 2010 World Cup winner broke up with his wife Shakira a few weeks ago. Shakira is ten years older than Gerard Pique. 

This article will look at top football players married to women older than them. 

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the best strikers the football world has ever seen. The Swedish international has played for top European teams such as Juventus, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, Manchester United and AC Milan. 

Zlatan is among famous footballers whose wives’ are way older than them. Helena Seger is Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s wife. The two have been together for nearly 20 years now. Helena is 12 years older than Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but they still have the chemistry of love between them.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Helena Seger. Photo/ Seher.

The bold and fearless Zlatan Ibrahimovic met with Helena Seger at a parking space in 2002. Zlatan had packed his Ferrari next to Helena’s car. They began talking in the parking zone, and that’s how their relationship began. As of now, Zlatan and Helena have two children; Maximilian and Vincent Ibrahimovic. 

Helena is a successful businesswoman and has a net worth of $160 million. 

2. Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas is one of the best central midfielders of his generation. The former Chelsea man is one of the most successful players, having won numerous trophies, including the FIFA World Cup.

Fabregas is in a love relationship with Daniella Semaan. The two married in 2018 and have three children; Capri, Leonardo and Lia Fabregas. However, Daniella has two other children from her previous relationship with Elie Taktouk (1998-2011).  

Cesc Fabregas is 11 years younger than Daniella Semaan. The two first met in Nozomi, a Japanese restaurant in London’s super-wealthy Knightsbridge area. Daniella approached Fabregas’ table, where they began talking and later exchanged phone numbers. 

3. Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is one of the finest defenders of the modern generation. The Paris Saint Germain star represented Spain in four FIFA World Cup tournaments, winning the trophy in 2010. 

The Real Madrid legend is among football stars married to women older than them. 

Ramos is the husband of Pillar Rubio, a Spanish TV presenter and reporter. Rubio and Sergio Ramos entered a relationship back in 2012. The two met at the “Se lo que hicisteis” show, where Rubio was the presenter. Sergio Ramos was the first to contact Rubio leading to their close relationship. 

The two confirmed that they were in a relationship in 2013. However, Pillar Rubio is eight years older than Sergio Ramos. Sergio Ramos and Pillar Rubio have three sons.

4. Mauro Icardi

Paris Saint Germain star Mauro Icardi was at his best during his Inter Milan days, where he was ranked among the best strikers in the world. 

Icardi’s love story is one of the most controversial stories in the football world. The Argentine footballer and Wanda Nara made the story of the century in 2013 when they began dating. Wanda was the wife of Mauro Icardi’s best friend and teammate, Maxi Lopez. 

Despite being a topic of discussion for several years now, Mauro Icardi and Wanda are still couples. Wanda, who is six years older than Icardi, is a showgirl and a television presenter. She is also a model and Mauro Icardi’s football agent.

Mauro Icardi

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara. Photo/ Irish Mirror.

5. David De Gea

David De Gea is undoubtedly one of the greatest goalkeepers in the world. The Manchester United star is in a love relationship with Edurna Garcia. 

De Gea is five years younger than Edurna Garcia. The two have been dating since 2015. Edurna is a TV presenter, singer and actress. They have one child. 

Abraham Odhiambo is an avid sports fan who loves to write about football, boxing and wrestling. He's a big supporter of Manchester United. He's pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communication and Media at Egerton University.

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