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9 best right backs in the world

Best Right Backs
Chelsea's Reece James. Photo/Sky Sports
  • Right backs are the safety net that guarantees a loss or a win
  • They move from attacking to defensive positioning quickly and with stamina
  • Their role now has a larger impact on attacking play and team structure than ever before

The best right backs are a worthwhile investment for each football team. They are the safety net that guarantees a loss or a win at the end of each season.

They should be able to go from attacking to defensive positioning quickly and with stamina. Another quality they must possess is excellent defending and outstanding technical skills, such as the ability to keep a ball in play.

A few years ago, discussing the finest right-backs in the world was a topic that only few people ever thought of. Although a right-back wasn’t always seen as the most glamorous position in football, it carries a lot of weight.

Though times change, the role now has a larger impact on attacking play and team structure than ever before. These are the best right backs out there in 2022.



TRENT ALEXANDER-ARNOLD. Photo/The Liverpool Offside

The superstar player from Liverpool is crucial in the clubs’ offensive efforts. He is particularly effective when dribbling the ball, aiding his teammates, crossing the ball, and taking free-kicks.

In addition to that, he is skilled at cutting corners. He is currently ranked among the top assisters of the English Premier League.


Danilo Premier League

Danilo Premier League. Photo/Premier League

The Brazilian superstar is absolutely indispensable to both Juventus and the Brazilian national team. He is a cardinal player to his team’s offensive success. He provides the ball to their attackers, assisting on important goals, and scoring one goal on his own.

In addition to this, he is reliable in the defensive position, since he makes very few to no mistakes.


The Chelsea player is only 22 years old and one of the team’s best right backs. He completely changed the position at Stamford Bridge. Right now, he is one of the most capable right backs that there are anywhere in the world.

He had an incredible five goals and six assists in the game before suffering an injury. In addition to this, he is a dangerous player right in front of the net.


The Alves of 2022 is a much cleverer player who now knows where he has to be. Whether it is assisting Ousmane Dembele on the right-wing or assisting Sergio Busquets by dropping into holding midfield. This is because Alves has become a much more cerebral player.

And despite this, he is still able to exert some impact over the most important games.


He is widely regarded as one of the world’s most adaptable and best right backs. He is deadly around the net and delivers excellent crosses into dangerous areas. In addition to this, he is quick and can cover more ground than the other players.


The 31-year-old moves from being one of the top right backs in Laliga to dominating in the English Premier League. He is one of Newcastle’s most crucial players, scoring two crucial goals in just four matches.

He currently has a goal scoring streak of four games. In addition to that, he is nimble and performs well when competing against other players.


This Manchester City player shows off his flare when dribbling the ball and provides clever assists. It is well known that he creates opportunities out of very little. On more than one occasion, he passes off as the difference-maker for the squad. So far in the 2021-2022 season, he bagged 3 goals and 8 assists.




He is perhaps one of the players who is in the most demand all around the world. In close proximity to the net, he is lightning-quick and dangerous. His ability to dribble the ball is out of this world.

He is also quite skilled at taking free kicks, and he recently scored a vital goal for his national team, which is Morocco. Up to this point in the season, he has three goals and three assists.


This is one of the most successful seasons for the Frenchman, who is now 27 years old. He has a good speed and is quite accurate with his passes. He makes it easy for the attackers and the midfielders to receive the ball, which is an important part of his role in moving the ball forward.

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