Rugby Federation of Libya opens new stadium in Benghazi

Rugby Federation of Libya opens new stadium in Benghazi - Sports Leo

The Rugby Federation of Libya on Monday opened a new rugby stadium at the University of Benghazi.

According to Libya Rugby, “the modern facility complies with international standards and will facilitate training and the organisation of national as well as international competitions in Libya in the future.”

Forgani Abdulkarem, general secretary of Libya Rugby, said: “This is a historic landmark for Libya Rugby and the result of many years of hard work of everyone involved.

“Up to date our training and competitions had to take place on inappropriate grounds as we had no dedicated rugby field.

“I am proud to say that Libya has now the first rugby facility in line with international rules in terms of sizing and set up. Special thanks to the National Olympic Committee of Libya and everyone involved to have made this happens.

“We are excited to see the first match and are confident that this will only be the beginning of rugby in Libya. We hope to attract young Libyans living in the region and develop many future talents here.”

Khaled Babbou, president of Rugby Africa said: “This is a shimmer of hope for normality in a country that is struck by tensions and armed conflicts.

“Rugby is a fantastic sport to keep fit, stay healthy and experience respect and fraternity in order to preserve the unity of Libyan sport and make it even more visible internationally. The new rugby ground in Libya will provide a bit of ‘normality’ in times of adversity.

“This infrastructure is a great win for Libya as well as Rugby Africa. The effort everyone involved has put in is truly impressive and the results are only possible thanks to great dedication and teamwork. I am convinced we will see many talented players in Libya in the years to come. Finally, I hope very soon to be able to visit this infrastructure and convey to President Mustapha Hoty in person all the admiration of Rugby Africa for its dedication to promoting Libyan rugby.”

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