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Women’s Rugby in Mauritius receives Olympic boost

Women’s Rugby in Mauritius receives Olympic boost - Sports Leo

As part of its Mauritius 2024 Olympic program, Rugby Union Mauritius has launched an Olympic day dedicated to girls between the ages of 14 and 18.

More than 40 girls from all over the island were present at the Olympic call on the Sparc complex which was held on Monday.

Mauritius Rugby technical director Jean-Baptiste Gobelet said: “This generation is important because it will represent Mauritius for the next Youth Olympic Games to be held in Dakar in July 2022 and for the qualifications of Paris 2024.

“We work well upstream to give Mauritian rugby every chance to be well-represented against nations like South Africa. Women’s rugby is also one of the priorities of the Mauritian federation for the coming years.

Mauritius Rugby Girls Academy coach Céline Lagesse said: “It’s a huge pleasure to see so many girls today for this Olympic day. This comes from the four corners of the island, clubs but mostly schools.

“The development of the Olympic program through school is essential, many girls discover rugby for the first time at school and take pleasure for them to play. We feel a passion and a growing motivation.”

Mauritius Rugby Women’s Program manager Stephanie Domaingue said: “For us, a pioneer of women’s rugby in Mauritius, it is with a lot of emotions and joy to see all her young girls present today. The women’s rugby is a young sport in Mauritius that started less than 10 years ago but has a rapid expansion in recent years.

“The Olympic opportunity is fabulous for our sport and will allow us to attract more and more Mauritians in this adventure.”

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