Meet 14-year-old tennis star, Akashi Robo planning to outshine Serena Williams

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

Akashi’s inspiration Serena Williams.[Credit/]

Akashi Robo, a 14-year-old girl has the dream of outshining Serena.

Serena Williams has been a celebrated Tennis icon for many years now. She has broken records in the court and bagging many endorsements deals out of her talent. She has been a big inspiration to other tennis players together with her sister Venus Williams.

Robo has been a determined player who plays terrific tennis at such a young age and has won many titles and trophies. She aspires to become a professional player very soon and as they say, dreams are valid, she should take her chances.

Amazingly, Akashi won her first national ATA under 12 trophy at the age of nine. In a recent video, she disclosed her favourite trophy and pointed out that she had to win three legs in California, New York, and Florida to take it home.

That gave her the honours of winning two calendar years in a row, which include more than 50 matches. This will surely send a big impression on the tennis stars across the board.

In the same video, Akashi also revealed that even though she is 14, she doesn’t compete with players of her age but takes the field with professionals who range between the ages of 17 to 25 years.

“In the span of just 14 years, Akashi has played against the Bryan brother, has met Venus Williams, and has even practised some drills with Andy Murray at the US Open. She is certainly a talented girl and has quite a bright future in tennis.”

Akashi Robo has a daily routine, and as expected according to her age she has to undergo schooling. She begins her day by attending school and then later goes to tennis lessons.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams.[Credit/]

For sure, to outshine Serena Williams, the thorough practice should be prioritized, and that has gone well with Akashi.

Robo has two dogs namely; Sanji and Leo, which keeps her company almost everywhere. She has her father as her mentor as he as a father has surely been a guide and a force to reckon with.

As any other parent, the dad has played a vital part in Akashi’s life from her rise until now. He outdoes himself by training her personally and also manufactures tennis rackets for her.

According to her opponents, Akashi’s prowess has her possess the ability to hit the ball with a lot of power, both the forehand and the backhand.

Akashi can also place the ball really well on the court.

“Akashi Robo is surely a prodigy, and even though Serena Williams is 39 at the moment, she can play against her if she turns professional soon. Fans would definitely want to see such an encounter and want her to compete for one on one against Serena after listening to her story.”

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